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Experience our unique rock n roll tuition in Guitar, Drums, Bass and Vocals.

Get addicted to your instrument

Let’s face it, playing rock music at exceedingly loud volumes is one of the most fun things you can do - regardless of your age or abilities. At the Bristol Rock Centre, right from the outset, you’ll be taught by people who love what they do. You will develop good technique, a solid and effective practice routine and a strong sense of musicality. Our tutors have been playing gigs, practising and writing music for most of their lives, so you’ll benefit from a highly experienced perspective on your playing, empowering you to have more fun with music than ever.

Guitar tuition with Jonny

What Skills Can You Learn?

Reading Music

Becoming familiar with written formats such as Guitar Tabs, Drum Notation and Chord Charts gives you the freedom to learn what you want, when you want.


Building the correct technique right from the outset provides you with a solid base for forging your own unique style.

Performance Skills

Learn how to play in time, with conviction and as part of a band. Build the confidence you need to get on stage and perform live.

Scales & Theory

Learn to navigate your instrument, understand what makes great songs great, and access a world of potential within your own playing.

Get motivated

You will listen to and learn from the greatest musicians of your chosen genre, and begin building a solid platform that you can progress from at your own rate. Everything we teach relates directly to your instrument and your performance. You’ll also get to grips with music theory, and whilst that might sound like torture, it truly puts you in the fast lane to making your improvisation melt faces.

Engaging Music Lessons

What do our students say?

“We asked our son how he found guitar lessons with Bristol Rock Centre, and he said inspiring, interesting and fun.”

- Sue White

Get results

BRC tutors aim to make every minute of your lesson as fun, inspiring and as beneficial to you as possible. We want to engage you fully, ensuring you enjoy your lesson, but most importantly we know you want to see results. You are encouraged to keep trying, mistakes are nothing to be embarrassed about here and you will not be dictated to. We want you to be absorbed in your instrument from lesson one, to be beginning to play tunes you enjoy and to leave the lesson with a clear direction for your personal practice.

Motivational Vocal Coaching
Want to know more?

All tuition at BRC comes from professional musicians who have studied music in Higher Education and are seasoned (with a number of hot spices) in a variety of musical genres. Their collective presence at Bristol Rock Centre is a veritable smörgasbord of aural pleasure.

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